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Therapist conference

Friday, 29 November 2024

Interprofessional perspectives on the topic of the back - in line with this motto, we look forward to looking at the care of our patients from different perspectives at the therapists' conference. Physiotherapists, doctors, sports scientists and psychologists will provide a varied, high-calibre programme and look forward to a wealth of professional exchange with you. Here we would like to give you a brief preview of the programme:

At this year's therapists' conference, we will start with Prof. Dr Kerstin Lüdtke from the University of Lübeck and the "Role of physiotherapy in back pain". Our international guest is Prof Dr Paul Hodges from Australia. Other planned speakers and topics include PD Dr Regine Klinger, a psychologist from the UKE Hamburg, with the topic "Contextual factors of therapy"; Dr Pietrek from the Schön Klinik Hamburg Eilbek with possible indications for surgery and "When is it time for the scalpel" as well as Dr Michael Richter and Dr Mallwitz from the Rückenzentrum am Michel on "Interdisciplinary multimodal pain therapy" and Ulrike Kaiser from the UKSH with "Risk factors of chronification".

Jan Winter
Schön Klinik Therapie- und Trainingszentrum | Hamburg 

Dr. Michael Richter 
Rückenzentrum am Michel